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Haskell Mode for Emacs

This is an Emacs mode for editing, debugging and developing Haskell programs. Home page.

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I just want to thank everybody involved in one way or another with the Haskell Emacs tooling. It is one of the best language experiences I had in Emacs. -- cocreature, 2015-03-01

I've been using it for a long time and love it. Great work on haskell-mode! Keep up the good work! -- LukeHoersten, 2015-04-02

This sounds wonderful. Does anything similar exist for Vim? -- earldouglas, 2015-07-02

Users manual: latest version, older versions: 13.12, 13.14, 13.16, 13.18, 13.20.

Quick Installation

Make sure you have this in your init file (usually ~/.emacs). If you already have custom-set-variables, merge its contents:

(require 'package)
 ;; custom-set-variables was added by Custom.
 ;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful.
 ;; Your init file should contain only one such instance.
 ;; If there is more than one, they won't work right.
    (("gnu" . "")
     ("melpa-stable" . "")))))

Then run emacs, and evaluate:

M-x package-refresh-contents

and then follow by

M-x package-install RET haskell-mode

Voila! haskell-mode is installed! You should be able to edit Haskell source code in color now.

Haskell-mode has much much much more to offer but the above should get you going!

Advanced configuration

For setup instructions, please consult the integrated haskell-mode Info manual which can be accessed after installation via M-x info-display-manual [RET] haskell-mode. Alternatively, you can also direct your browser to the the online haskell-mode manual for setup and user guide.

Installation - more information

haskell-mode supports GNU Emacs version 24.3 or later.

haskell-mode is available from melpa-stable (releases) and melpa (git snapshots).

Other means of obtaining haskell-mode include el-get, Emacs Prelude and Debian package.

Installation from git repository

Running haskell-mode directly from sources is easy but requires a little preparation:

  • git clone into a suitable directory, e.g. ~/lib/emacs/haskell-mode/ where ~ stands for your home directory.

  • Assuming you have unpacked the various haskell-mode modules (haskell-mode.el and the rest) in the directory ~/lib/emacs/haskell-mode/, you need to generate various files, the autoloads file (haskell-mode-autoloads.el) is one among them. Invoke:

make EMACS=/path/to/your/emacs

and then adding the following command to your .emacs:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/lib/emacs/haskell-mode/")
(require 'haskell-mode-autoloads)
(add-to-list 'Info-default-directory-list "~/lib/emacs/haskell-mode/")

Installation from git repository on macOS

There are a couple of things to note if you want to install directly from git on macOS systems, as of version 10.13 High Sierra:

  • The version of makeinfo that is installed by default in /usr/bin is quite old and will cause the above make command to exit with an error. Installing the texinfo package using Homebrew will fix this. Be sure to follow the post-install instructions to add its bin directory to your shell's PATH variable.

  • If you are running an Emacs distribution packaged as a macOS application. such as the one available at, you'll need to add its executable to your PATH before the system's default Emacs version. That project's Tips and Tricks page has detailed instructions.


If you followed the above you are just a couple of steps away from contributing to haskell-mode.

haskell-mode is actively seeking contributions from users of haskell-mode. For more information have a look at the wiki page on contributing.

Getting in contact

Have fun!