A curated collection of resources, clients and tools that make working with `GraphQL and Angular` awesome
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Awesome Angular GraphQL Awesome

A curated collection of resources, clients and tools that make working with GraphQL and Angular awesome.


General Resources


Angular clients for GraphQL

Developer Tools

Tools for better development (debugging, linting, validation etc)

  • Code generators:
    • apollo-codegen: Generate API code or type annotations based on a GraphQL schema and query documents
    • graphql-code-generator: GraphQL code generator with flexible support for custom templates
  • Linters:
  • Angular Debugging Tools
  • GraphQL Workflows:


Awesome tutorials for using GraphQL with Angular

Boilerplates and Example Apps

Boilerplates and examples for a headstart in development

Server Side Tools

Get a GraphQL backend for your applications using these service providers

  • AWS AppSync: Build data-driven apps with real-time and offline capabilities
  • Graphcool: Self-Hosted GraphQL BaaS
  • Hasura: Instant GraphQL APIs on Postgres
  • Postgraphile: Rapidly build highly customisable GraphQL APIs
  • Prisma: Turn your database into a GraphQL API.

Articles and Videos




Good and bad experiences