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RELEASE Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne v0.1.0 #1699

merged 73 commits into from Sep 9, 2013

6 participants

Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne member

That's right everyone, it's time for a new release. And did you see that version number? Welcome to v0.1. This release includes a feature I've wanted for a really long time, automatic updating. We've had if for some time in the Mac version, but it never really worked right. Today, everyone get's it. This way, the game will automatically update when there are changes to be downloaded. We can now push out releases at a much faster rate. Also, we've made it easier to push out bug fixes, so you won't have to wait a week while your game continues to crash.

The update code is still pretty new, so this is going to be the first major test. If you run into any problems, please report them here in the thread. Also, did you hear that we're going to at CommuniCon? I hope everyone can make it.

I know that updates have been in short supply, but that will be changing. The devs are back in action! To celebrate, we've also updated our Twitter account! Follow @hawkthornegame for the latest updates.

didory123 and others added some commits Jul 1, 2013
@didory123 didory123 change jumpdamage to 3 f946a63
@reddfawks reddfawks Adds Punky Protestor costume for Britta b61475a
@CalebJohn CalebJohn can no longer jump on bookshelf c481b81
@CalebJohn CalebJohn remove typo from floorspace d5f9f22
@CalebJohn CalebJohn changes battleaxe/longsword animations 0f0cb98
@CalebJohn CalebJohn shortend rainbow beam lifespan 13f81f4
@didory123 didory123 Merge pull request #1672 from CalebJohn/longsword-speed
Adjusts animations for slower weapons
@didory123 didory123 Merge pull request #1622 from didory123/jumpdamage
change jumpdamage to 4 from 3
@didory123 didory123 Merge pull request #1673 from CalebJohn/manicorn-attack
Shortened rainbowbeam
@didory123 didory123 Merge pull request #1646 from reddfawks/britpunk
 Adds Punky Protestor costume for Britta
@didory123 didory123 Merge pull request #1670 from CalebJohn/remove-bookshelf
Remove bookshelf from Studyroom
@edisonout edisonout add Planet Christmas Jeff costume c40bee5
@edisonout edisonout add Abed Elf costume 66d7b33
@edisonout edisonout add some troy costumes 7c9fc8e
@edisonout edisonout even more troy costumes 73b5c31
@edisonout edisonout add new Neil costume & fix pulling sprite 49248d7
@edisonout edisonout adds in the morning costume for troy b19a40c
@CalebJohn CalebJohn Merge pull request #1690 from edisonout/toomanycostumes
Adding loads of new costumes
@CalebJohn CalebJohn defaults liquids to foreground 70b3a02
@danhp danhp Merge pull request #1692 from CalebJohn/revert-liquids
Returns liquid default to foreground
@reddfawks reddfawks Adds undies and Evil-undies costumes for Jeff 5ae24b0
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Run tests inside of love 756cee4
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Fix Makefile ea172ed
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Turn on a virtual screen
Also fix Makefile target dependency
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Auto-accept apt-get commands e651c2f
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Attempt to disable SDL audio 29b6666
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Make love as a part of the install 4a583fb
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Attempt to disable SDL audio driver 7082674
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Set the write directory to a writable directory 4c81f74
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Run love as sudo, remove unused SDL audio configuration 2dc1c2e
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Use a directory we own for love appdata b49a26f
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Change the application data directory e58df68
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Use lunatest instead of busted for unit testing b809792
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Port util tests to lunatest bc5c24a
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Update the tween tests 3ab2673
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Remove uneeded luarocks modules 153b71d
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Commit a bad test case to make sure the build fails 7830d94
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Fix failing test b15a2bc
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Add dialog tests 9c813fa
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Port transition tests over to lunatest dd3c996
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Port the last of the tests over to lunatest 60b8c48
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Add small section about writing unit tests e24f856
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Fix typo in the Makefile 6a23c6d
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Merge pull request #1694 from hawkthorne/lovetest
Make writing and running unit tests easier
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Fix bug in main.lua which made the game crash on startup 08ae79c
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Add first start to autoupdate code on OSX c3a9402
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Make the update screen be the first screen we see 32ba766
@edisonout edisonout adds Troy pharaoh costume f574f92
@edisonout edisonout Merge pull request #1695 from edisonout/pharaohs
Adds Troy pharaoh costume
@edisonout edisonout Merge pull request #1693 from reddfawks/iseelondoniseefrance
Adds undies and Evil-undies costumes for Jeff
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Add first implementation of OS X updater. No way it currently works b16ebdc
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Add version number parsing logic bbacff9
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Automatic updates are fully working on OS X 1870f48
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Add first pass at Windows updater b1f02c2
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Enable testing console to stay open on windows dcb9a04
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Large changes in how the updating works. No zipped files on Windows 6900925
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Fix broken os x updating 6450973
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Well, this approach is broken.
You can't actually update DLLs when the app is running. Therefore, we
have to include a small go program that reads the download zipfile,
overwrites, and then relaunches the game.
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Let's start over with this windows stuff huh d0c4ef2
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Saying goodbye to the separate Go binary fbff21c
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Move to a simpler update process on windows b02e567
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Set feedurl back to empty 0597840
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Add creepy floating head to update screen 0d880df
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Fix OSX update failure.
TODO: Work on uploading the the individual files
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Merge branch 'master' of int…
…o autoupdate
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Clean up after updates 769549a
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Remove Windows 64 bit downloads.
32 bit app works fine on 64 bit, and it makes auto update much easier to
deal with. Also, people don't have to worry about which one to download
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Upload appcast items. Upload a built version of master
With this change, master is alway built. That means you can download the
latest build. This is to make testing releases easier. Note that master
builds do not auto update.
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Merge pull request #1698 from hawkthorne/autoupdate
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Check the title of the incoming pull request to see if it's a release
If it's a release, then we bump the minor version instead of the bug fix
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Add section on development builds e943674
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Disable Sparkle OS X updates, use the built in updater instead aadc1ad
@kyleconroy kyleconroy Merge branch 'release' of
@kyleconroy kyleconroy merged commit e698e79 into release Sep 9, 2013

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