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Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne is an RPG Platformer in the vein of Zelda 2 based on Digital Estate Planning, an episode from NBC's Community.

In the episode, JTTCOH was co-operative and contained massive amounts of details (crafting, potions, weapons/armour, relationships with NPCs, destroyable buildings, strip poker, etc). When a character died, they lost all possessions and returned to the first location, the Study Room, without restarting the clock or undoing any previous actions (ex: if someone dug a hole, then died, the hole would still be there).

Our game will feature some limitations primarily due to the fact that it wasn't secretly developed over three decades by the wealthy owner of a moist towelette empire. However, our goal is to make the first run-through as similar to the episode (in both story and gameplay) as possible without making this a nightmare for the programmers.

Looking to contribute to the game? All the information you need can be found here! Check out the guides in the sidebar to get started.