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iOS color picker work in progress
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Alderis is a replacement for libcolorpicker, and a reusable color picker component (even usable in App Store apps - no private API use!). You can install it in place of libcolorpicker as a user, or swap over your package dependencies if you’re a developer.

Alderis is named for the Alderamin (Alpha) star in the Cepheus (Cephei) constellation. It doesn’t depend on Cephei, but I consider it a friend of Cephei.

Developer documentation on Alderis’s new APIs, as well as a podspec + shared scheme for use with CocoaPods and Carthage, to follow. Just want to release what I have now because it’s functional and works just as well as a drop-in replacement for libcolorpicker’s API.




Licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. Refer to

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