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Live Coding Kit For Löve

A small live coding library for Löve which also enables interactive debugging. It basically just is a customized love.run which presses all errors to the command line(or in debug mode on screen). And reloads the “main.lua” everytime you save.

note: still in development - everything can change

Optional Parameters

  • lick.file = "" -- default is "main.lua"
  • lick.debug = true -- displays errors in love window
  • lick.reset = true -- calls love.load everytime you save the file, if set to false it will only be called when starting Löve
  • lick.clearFlag = false -- overrides the clear() function in love.run


lick = require "lick"
lick.reset = true -- reload the love.load everytime you save

function love.load()
    circle = {}
    circle.x = 1

function love.update(dt)
    circle.x = circle.x + dt*5

function love.draw(dt)
    love.graphics.circle("fill", 400+100*math.sin(circle.x), 300, 16,16)