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Clojars Project

A Clojure(Script) library which provides the java.time api through kebab-case-named function vars. Using this API, you can write non-interop code using everything from java.time and which runs in both Clojure and ClojureScript.

See my talk at Clojure/North 2019 for more background.

Related Libraries

tick is a higher level date-time library that uses this one. Even if you're using directly, ie not through tick, it has very relevant docs on extra setup for use with ClojureScript

time-literals is a Clojure(Script) library which provides tagged literals for objects from jsr-310 domain


This library sits atop java.time on the jvm and on Javascript platforms. Writing code that uses those libraries directly is harder than interop normally is because:

  • To call the 'static' methods from Clojurescript you need to use the dot-special-form which is not idiomatic
  • The underlying js library has changed the name of the getter methods in java.time to remove the 'get' part of the name. There are ways to get around that on a case by case basis, but this library handles it for you.

How it works

For every class in java.time, there is a clojure namespace.

For example, corresponding to java.time.LocalDate, there is a namespace

In that and every other namespace, there is one var per public method/field in the corresponding class.

For example, for the method java.time.LocalDate/parse, there is a corresponding function


Get it from Clojars

In .cljc file

(ns my.cljc
  (:require  [ :as ld])
  (ld/parse "2019-01-01")


Keep up to date with java.time

New methods were added in Java 9 - these are not included in this library


Be aware that the Implementation is not 100%. It's probably 99% though and anything you find missing can be added via pull request to js-joda


Copyright © 2019 Widd Industries

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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