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Official repository for Heptio/VMware TGIK!
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Official repository for Heptio TGIK!

(Heptio is now part of VMware. We'll figure out branding for TGIK over the coming months. But rest assured that we'll keep creating episodes!)

Heptio TGIK is a weekly live video stream that we broadcast live from the Heptio headquarters (usually) in Seattle, Washington all about Kubernetes.

The index contains a list of all episodes.

The official YouTube channel can be found here.

There is a community driven list of episodes that can be found here (Thanks to recollir!)

Suggest an episode

If you have an idea for TGIK please open an issue in the TGIK issue tracker. We pick the episodes as we see fit with what's happening in the community. If we select your suggestion we will link back to your original work here!

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