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Hetnets in Biomedicine

Repositories for hetnet-related research, tools, and datasets including Hetionet. By the teams of @dhimmel, @greenelab, & @sebaran

Popular repositories

  1. hetionet Public

    Hetionet: an integrative network of disease

    HTML 145 49

  2. hetnetpy Public

    Hetnets in Python (relocated from dhimmel/hetio)

    Python 60 23

  3. medline Public

    Computing term cooccurrence in MEDLINE

    Jupyter Notebook 11 5

  4. hetmatpy Public

    Python package for matrix storage and operations on hetnets

    Python 10 9

  5. xswap Public

    Python library (C++ backend) for degree-preserving network randomization

    C 8 4

  6. Public

    Source code for website

    HTML 5 4


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