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Greene Laboratory

Greene Laboratory at the University of Colorado Anschutz


  1. scihub scihub Public

    Source code and data analyses for the Sci-Hub Coverage Study

    Jupyter Notebook 287 37

  2. BioBombe BioBombe Public

    BioBombe: Sequentially compressed gene expression features enhances biological signatures

    Jupyter Notebook 63 25

  3. lab-website-template lab-website-template Public template

    An easy-to-use, flexible website template for labs.

    HTML 293 270

  4. covid19-review covid19-review Public

    A collaborative review of the emerging COVID-19 literature. Join the chat here:

    TeX 116 81

  5. deep-review deep-review Public

    A collaboratively written review paper on deep learning, genomics, and precision medicine

    HTML 1.2k 271

  6. tybalt tybalt Public

    Training and evaluating a variational autoencoder for pan-cancer gene expression data

    HTML 159 62


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