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PureBasic interface to CImGui Wrapper
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This is a PureBasic (PB) wrapper for a slightly modified cimgui.

pb-cimgui.cpp adds some helper functions to cimgui, that create a DX11 environment and provide basic imaage and font loading.

The _run_gui() function exported by the DLL starts a loop, which then calls back to a specified PB function, which is now your main loop for your PB App. This loop will exit when the app is closed.

cimgui is a thin c-api wrapper for the excellent C++ intermediate gui imgui. Most of the functions have wrapper counterparts now, missing stuff is added on a as-needed basis (PR welcome). This library is intended as a intermediate layer to be able to use imgui from other languages that can interface with C (like D - see D-binding)


  1. Use Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition or whatever to build pb-cimgui.dll from the pb-cimgui.sln solution.

  2. Include the pb-cimgui.pbi file from the pb directory in PureBasic 5.40 into your project to import DLL functions. See main.pb for an example usage in PB.


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