Implementation of a Sports-1M Challenge video classifier
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Implementation of a Sports-1M Challenge video classifier

Code written with Hallvard Moian Nydal at Harvard (Square Starbucks), Spring 2015

The project was inspired by:

Running the code

Need to install Theano. We used youtube-dl to download videos. We also use mpi4py to process the data.

The file should download the sports we used. The and similar files use mpi to preprocess the data. The ConvolutionalNetworksBW_GPU_10_RUNSET_RGB_1/ files run the main code. The other files are all read in.


For the final project in the course, we had to show some slides. I included a selection of them below. Note At some point, I should update these slides. They are from Spring 2015, and I think my aesthetic has improve a bit since then. :)_ slide1 Because we were running on a desktop workstation, we used 10 videos rather than the entire original dataset. We downloaded approximately 500-1000 of each class. Our network used a set of input images as well as side stream of average properties. slide2 After training for ~50 epochs, we got rather good performance. We averaged over the test set to show what was predicted. In all cases, the top guess was the correct category. Skiing and Spring where the best, and the network has the most trouble with surfing and golf. slide3 After 1, 10, and 50 epochs we looked at the performance. After each epoch, we plotted the cumulative probability of being within the first N guesses. slide4 We did a few benchmarking results below, comparing CPU vs GPU training. slide5 slide6