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An expanded version of the Binary Ninja example inlining workflow.


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Note: this plugin is developed against Binary Ninja development branch and won't currently build on stable.

An expanded version of the Binary Ninja example inlining workflow, developed while working on a project which makes heavy use of transferring condition flags across function call boundaries

Current additional features:

  • Persistent inlining of functions using Analysis database globals (requires the project be saved to a BNDB file).

  • Ability to mark a function for inlining in all functions.

  • Experimental aggressive rewriting of inlined basic blocks to allow correct propagation of conditions across inlined sections.

Condition rewriting

This plugin has an optional feature (off by default) to detect and attempt to correct cases where Binary Ninja's analysis is not able to detect that a conditional branch depends on status flags set in the inlined function.

Compare before for an affected function:

Screenshot of affected function where flags cannot be determined without inlining

and after:

Screenshot of affected function fixed up correctly after inlining and condition rewriting

To enable it, turn on the setting in Binary Ninja's settings under Workflows > binliner, named Rewrite conditions immediately after inlined functions [experimental].

Similar to changing the workflow, you will need to do a reanalysis afterwards.

You may need to use a snippet like the following in the Python console to enable the setting for an existing analysis database:

s.set_bool('workflows.binliner.refactorConditions', True, view=bv)


Follow the build instructions supplied with official Vector35 C++ plugins. Currently you will need a development branch version of Binary Ninja of at least 3301, as this plugin uses the structured logging not yet available in stable. This plugin has been tested against 3317 as of writing.


Copy the produced libworkflow_binliner.dylib/ to your Binary Ninja plugins dir.

Enabling the BinlinerWorkflow

You must enable the BinlinerWorkflow to use the inliner plugin:

This setting will only apply to new analysis databases opened. To make an existing BNDB use the inliner, open the database and follow the same steps but choose the Resource scope in the settings at the top of the Setting pane. You'll need to trigger a full reanalysis after this setting is changed.


An expanded version of the Binary Ninja example inlining workflow.







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