A webpack plugin to send sourcemaps to Honeybadger
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Honeybadger's Webpack Source Map Plugin

CircleCI honeybadger-io/honeybadger-webpack

This is a webpack plugin to upload javascript sourcemaps to Honeybadger's API endpoint for source maps.

Word Up! to the thredUP development team for a similar webpack plugin they have authored.


Installing via Node.js

npm install @honeybadger-io/webpack --save-dev


Plugin parameters

These plugin parameters correspond to the Honeybadger Sourcemap API.

apiKey (required)
The API key of your Honeybadger project
assetsUrl (required)
The base URL to production assets (scheme://host/path)*wildcards are supported. The plugin combines assetsUrl with the generated minified js file name to build the API parameter minified_url
revision (optional — default: "master")
The deploy revision (i.e. commit sha) that your source map applies to. This could also be a code version. For best results, set it to something unique every time your code changes.
silent (optional — default: "null/false")
If true, silence log information emitted by the plugin.
ignoreErrors (optional — default: "null/false")
If true, webpack compilation errors are treated as warnings.

Vanilla webpack.config.js

const HoneybadgerSourceMapPlugin = require('@honeybadger-io/webpack')
const ASSETS_URL = 'https://cdn.example.com/assets';
const webpackConfig = {
  plugins: [new HoneybadgerSourceMapPlugin({
    apiKey: 'abc123',
    assetsUrl: ASSETS_URL,
    revision: 'master'

Rails Webpacker config/webpack/environment.js

const { environment } = require('@rails/webpacker')
const HoneybadgerSourceMapPlugin = require('@honeybadger-io/webpack')

// See Heroku notes in README https://github.com/honeybadger-io/honeybadger-rails-webpacker-example
// Assumes Heroku / 12-factor application style ENV variables
const revision = process.env.GIT_COMMIT || 'master'

  new HoneybadgerSourceMapPlugin({
    apiKey: process.env.HONEYBADGER_API_KEY,
    assetsUrl: process.env.ASSETS_URL,
    silent: false,
    ignoreErrors: false,
    revision: revision

module.exports = environment

See example Rails 5 application https://github.com/honeybadger-io/honeybadger-rails-webpacker-example


  1. Fork it.
  2. Create a topic branch git checkout -b my_branch
  3. Commit your changes git commit -am "Boom"
  4. Push to your branch git push origin my_branch
  5. Send a pull request


Install the required npm packages with npm install. Write code. Run tests npm test. Repeat.

After that you can

The Honeybadger's Webpack Source Map Plugin is MIT licensed. See the MIT-LICENSE file in this repository for details.