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πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Jekyll theme Hyde, the WordPress Theme Edition.
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"Hide" - Jekyll & Hyde Theme, the WordPress Edition

This is my WordPress Theme Edition of the "Hyde" theme - design style strongly inspired by the beautiful "Hyde" theme for Jekyll (another blogging software).

Screenshot of Hide, a Hyde theme for WordPress

Original design inspiration, Hyde theme for Jekyll blog:

Installation / Usage

1. Upstream - you need the default theme 'Twenty Fifteen'.

This simple theme modification should be applied to a default WordPress theme by called Twenty Fifteen.

You may already have this base theme installed depending on your version of WordPress - if not, install the theme "Twenty Fifteen" on your blogs login under 'Appearance > Themes > Add New'.

2. Customise 'Twenty Fifteen' by pasting in this CSS code.

Customise the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme on your blogs login by going to 'Appearance > Customise' under the 'Additional CSS' section, paste the CSS code in the file hide-wordpress-mod.css.

This will modify the default Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme to look like Poole's Hyde theme for Jekyll.


Tweet me @benhoskins64, or raise an 'issue' in this repository.

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