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Hugo theme with base16 eighties colorscheme
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Base16 Theme for Hugo

Hugo Base16 Theme screenshot


$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone base16

See the Hugo documentation for more information.

Extra Features

Syntax highlighting

This theme has support for highlight shortcode (with Pygments), see the Hugo documentation for more information.

To use this feature install Pygments (pip install Pygments) and add pygmentsuseclasses = true to your config.toml.

Figure shortcode

Use the figure shortcode if you want nice rendering of pictures, see the Hugo documentation for more information.


You probably want to edit the homepage. Get started by copying the supplied homepage to your own site.

$ mkdir -p layouts/partials
$ cp themes/base16/layouts/partials/hero.html layouts/partials/hero.html

After this, you can edit layouts/partials/hero.html and make it awesome.


MIT Licensed, see LICENSE.

Don't forget to thank...

Steve Francia for Hugo.
Chris Kempson for the Base16 Eighties Colorscheme.
Jan T. Sott for the Pygments template.

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