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  • 🌐 Tamil translated (#43)


  • 🌐 French translated (#39)
  • πŸ› fixed search button display logic when set show_search = false. (#37)

v1.3.0 (2019.10.23)

  • ⬆️ Support Ghost V3
  • πŸ“ footer_text includes html instruction
  • πŸ› fixed wrong icon for tag pages
  • πŸ’„ improved overall layout for post content
  • ⚑️ added default image background as placeholder
  • 🌐 Turkish translated (#35)
  • πŸ› fixed image size configuration
  • ⚑️ crop images to improve page loading performance (feature image, author avatar)
  • πŸ› in post aside section, fixed post card width if no other posts exist in its primary_tag
  • ✨ added a new branch for Chinese optimization
  • πŸ’„ improved bookmark card style
  • πŸ“± improved responsiveness of layout in all pages
  • πŸ› fixed bug in post archive page caused earlier this version


  • πŸ› fixed when clicking inside of the search form will cause the form to disappear, and improved vertical padding of the button.
  • 🌐 added "No results" translation in ./locales, zh_CN provided.


  • πŸ’„ improved post archive template: post title font, add author(s) to the right side of title (multiple authors enabled).


  • ⚑️ improved post archive template page (featured icon position, better date display, flex layout)


  • ⚑️ replaced FontAwesome by iconfont
  • πŸ’„ improved featured post icon style


  • πŸ“ add instruction for creating a link page with bookmark cards.


  • ✨ add version number at footer

v1.2.0 (2019.09.09)

  • πŸ’„ improved bookmark card style
  • ✨ add roadmap link to "Get Fizzy Theme" button
  • πŸ› fixed "Get Fizzy Theme" button flash when fizzy_credit set to false.
  • ✨ add yellow badge (now supported colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • πŸ› improved float TOC's background and spacing
  • ⚑️ make it easier to click the post title in list_card
  • ⚑️ improved hr divider's color
  • πŸ“ updated: badge color, roadmap link, contribute instruction, icons


  • πŸ“± bookmark card responsive support
  • ✨ open external links in post content with new tabs.


  • ✨ added CSS style support for ghost bookmark cards (#32)
  • πŸ› fixed Katex font size inconsistent in display and inline
  • πŸ› removed post float toc first item's first sub-item has 10px padding-top

v1.1.1 (2019.09.02)

  • ⬆️ localize assets and CDN: Google Font (Montserrat), bulma css.
  • ✏️ fix some typos and bug caused by them.
  • πŸ“ Updated README: localization instructions.
  • and everything since v1.0.0.


  • πŸ› Fixed rounded card background in topic archive page
  • πŸ’„ Add mask for tag card in topic archive page, mask removed when hovering.


  • πŸ› Fixed the scale effect of post card in post aside section.


  • πŸ’„ Improved code block padding and font size.
  • πŸ’„ Improved table style.


  • πŸ”’ change file permission
  • πŸ› add bottom line to tag images in tag archive page


  • πŸ’„ Improved main canvas style (navbar, body background, footer)


  • πŸ› fixed showcase tag's display to inline-block.
  • πŸ› fixed table font size.
  • πŸ’„ Improved table style.
  • πŸ’„ Improved Katex block style.
  • πŸ’© the table wider than the screen will make the page scrollable in mobile devices.


  • πŸ› fixed table in mobile.
  • πŸ“± enable horizontal scroll for too long Katex block.


  • πŸ“± wrap inline code that is too long in mobile.


  • πŸ’„ Improved table style in desktop & mobile.


  • ✨ Allow code blocks to show line-numbers.
  • 🍱 Support nginx highlight in code block.
  • πŸ“ Updated README.
  • ✏️ Fixed typos in README.


  • ✨ home.hbs modified to support collection.
  • πŸ”₯ removed feature posts archive pagination due to issue.


  • ✨ [showcase] add author to carousel card; add primary_tag to featured item
  • πŸ› [feature posts archive] add author and primary_tag


  • πŸ› fix toc display block even when disabled



  • πŸ’„ list_card.bhs: set card layout with featured image to 5/12 + 7/12.
  • πŸ’‘ README-zh: list card excerpt modification guide for Chinese-like languages.


  • πŸ› squared rectangle avatar in list_card, post_author, post_aside, author.


  • πŸ’„ updated credit button style and hide with scroll

v1.0.0 (2019.06.24)


  • Instant Search: support search system (close: #18) (testing)
  • Post Archive: create a page to list all posts. (testing)
  • Custom Template: Featured Posts Archive
  • Fizzy Credit Switch: add a switch to enable/disable the top right "Get Fizzy Theme" dropdown menu.


  • Custom Footer Text: set the default value to @site.description.
  • Custom CSS Variable: customize CSS variables in Site Header
  • Updated various UI Styles.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Improved some component layouts for post pages.

v0.3.0 (2019.05.28)


  • comment: support gitalk (close: #19); site switch show_comment (see README)
  • i18n: translation support
  • showcase: showcase section for homepage use site switch show_showcase (see README)
  • css variable: main-color, etc. (testing)
  • custom footer text: custom footer text by define a var footer_text (see README).


  • optimization: boost loading speed for pages and posts (move js position).
  • LaTeX: switch to KaTeX. (close: #13)
  • Navbar: TOC scrolling with offset the top navbar
  • post: style modifications


  • carousel: replaced by showcase
  • deprecated CSS: deleted unused CSS stylesheets to minify theme's file size.

v0.2.2 (2019.05.17)


  • template: added a template post-with-toc
  • TOC: use code injection to enable/disable TOC (maybe there are more elegant ways to do this)
  • font: heading font improved; tested Chinese display
  • Global configuration: enable global variable (TOC, Comment) configuration in Ghost Admin -> Code injection -> Site Header (important update, please read the file for instructions)


  • partialization: post_comment, post_author, post_toc, post_aside, list_card
  • custom template: custom-full-width.hbs responsiveness

v0.2.1 (2019.05.12)

This release fixed some minor bugs caused from v0.2.0

  • listing: [card] styling for posts without a featured image
  • post: [code block]fixed the conflict caused by bulma and Prismjs
  • post: [previous & next post card] styling for posts without a featured image

v0.2.0 (2019.05.11)


  • post: featured label for featured-post (close: #4)
  • template: template for single tag (close: #5)
  • template: template for single author page (close: #6)
  • custom template: full-width (close: #15)
  • error pages: 404 and others (close: #12, demo)
  • css: smooth scrolling for id anchors
  • font: support Chinese (tested in v0.2.2)
  • component: badge support (HTML block only).(demo)


  • tag list: smaller featured image size (close: #11)
  • post typography: inline code style, code block font-size
  • code highlight: changed to Prism.js highlighter.
  • responsive: fix wide table responsive display in mobile devices (temporary fix: #16)
  • default: default.hbs simplified, loading speed increased.

v0.1.2 (2019.05.05)


  • global: Math equation support by MathJax
  • comment: integrated with Disqus


  • logo: show icon if it is uploaded but logo is not
  • post: style additions and modifications
  • author box: fixed spacing issue (close: #10)
  • pagination: style improved (close: #7)
  • post: list spacing (close: #8)

v0.1.1 (2019.04.15)


  • home: exclude posts with #noindex tag


  • post: paragraph style; code block style; list style

v0.1.0 (2019.04.14)


  • template: tag archive template (demo) (close: #2)
  • post: image support (size: regular, wide, full-width)
  • post: content gallery support
  • post: embedded content support


  • post: blockquote style (close: #1)
  • post: headings size (H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6) (close: #1)
  • global: link hover transition style
  • post: author box fixed with a avatar placeholder (close: #1)


  • unused templates and images

v0.0.1 (2019.04.12)

  • First release