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Legacy Script for GWU Lab work

Can't find the original source code. This is the build (eg what gets installed after typing install).

CURRENT SCRIPTS STILL AVAILBLE IN SCIKIT-SPECTRA. Don't take them out until ready to build a separate file so they can be installed independently. Do this after sure they work again with new versions of scikit spectra.

Put gwuspec and gwureport into your python usr/bin eg:


Put the egg file your site packages


You must open up the gwuspec and gwureport files and edit the top line to point to your python path (dunno why). You can type which python in a terminal to find the correct python path. For example, mine was:


Because I'm working in anaconda in a virtual environment called skspec. PUT YOURS IN THE TOP OF BOTH SCRIPTS.

gwureport is actually not used. This used to generated tex reports from python plot if I recall correctly, but has been fully supplanted by the sweave files method. Can still copy it over, but I don't believe it's actually used.

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