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solang - Solidity Compiler for Solana, Substrate, and ewasm

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Welcome to Solang, a new Solidity compiler written in rust which uses llvm as the compiler backend. Solang can compile Solidity for Solana, Substrate, and ewasm. Solang is source compatible with Solidity 0.7, with some caveats due to differences in the underlying blockchain.

Solang is under active development right now, and has extensive documentation.

Simple example

First build Solang or use the container, then write the following to flipper.sol:

contract flipper {
	bool private value;

	constructor(bool initvalue) public {
		value = initvalue;

	function flip() public {
		value = !value;

	function get() public view returns (bool) {
		return value;

Now run:

solang --target substrate flipper.sol

Alternatively if you want to use the solang container, run:

docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/sources -v -o /sources --target substrate /sources/flipper.sol

You will have a file called flipper.contract. You can use this directly in the Polkadot UI, as if your smart contract was written using ink!.


Apache 2.0