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Right now I have a copy of yepnope.js copied into the embed code template.

Problems with it include:

  • Small number of tests and polyfills. We could do slightly better I bet.
  • The asset bundling is cumbersome.

We should probably remove yepnope in favor of a server-side include of a modernizr build and access the webassets bundles by name more directly from the template, like we do in, rather than passing them all from the embed code view.


Why does this issue have the "mobile" label?


No idea.


This is what I'm thinking these days:


Going to give this another look in relation to #1445 . Yepnope also adds some lag on the FF extension, so I believe its time has come.


@BigBlueHat think you meant #1445.


Yep. He did. 😄


@tilgovi @aron @csillag

To replace yepnope.js, we need:

  • feature detection & conditional script loading?
  • in-order JS asset loading / processing?
  • post-asset-loading call back triggering?

Things are a bit neater with the embed code now, but we should still switch to a module system so we can load everything async or bundle it all. Also, yepnope development has been discontinued.

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