Kerkerkruip - the interactive fiction roguelike game
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Kerkerkruip is a short-form roguelike in the interactive fiction medium, featuring meaningful tactical and strategic depth, innovative game play, zero grinding, and a sword & sorcery setting that does not rehash tired clichés.

Setting up Kerkerkruip for development

After cloning the Kerkerkruip Git repository onto your computer you will need to do a few more things to prepare your system for developing it.

  1. You will need to download a few extensions. Please check the i7/extensions repository, the Inform 7 Public Library and the old Inform 7 extensions site for any missing extensions. Copy them to your Inform 7 extensions folder.

Beta testing Kerkerkruip

We use Travis CI to automatically build each commit. So if you'd like to help beta test the game, just download this file: