Revival of the Nintendo DS emulator for iOS
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Supports iOS 9.0 and up.

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iNDS is a derivation of the previous Nintendo DS apps for iOS, nds4ios and Nitrogen. The iNDS Team release of iNDS is a fork of the original iNDS emulator by William Cobb. iNDS Team aims to create a version that is driven by support from the community, adding trusted contributors to the team over time, so that pull requests and issues do not sit untouched.

Currently, emulation is powered by the DeSmuME threaded ARM interpreter and runs at nearly full speed on the iPhone 5 and above. Due to the need to mmap the entire ROM into memory, older devices with only 256MB of RAM are not supported. These devices include the iPod touch 4, iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, and anything below those devices.

Installing iNDS

All Instructions on building and installing iNDS can be found here


Feel free to submit issues or pull requests to the repository. Before contributing, please read our Contributing Guide.

Reporting Bugs

When something in iNDS isn't working correctly for you, please open a GitHub issue ticket here.

Please include the following information:
  • iOS device
  • iOS version
  • Jailbreak status
  • Download location
  • Current iNDS Version
Please do not open issues about the following topics:
  • Slow performance
  • Crashing on older devices with 256MB of RAM (Anything prior to iPhone 4 devices.)
Your issue ticket will be closed if you fail to follow the above instructions.


Planned improvments
  • Internal Resolution changes
  • Sharing roms between devices
  • Sharable game hacks
  • Add more localizations
  • Much more