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Suggested Battery Settings

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Voltage and Current Calibration

  1. Using a multimeter, calibrate the voltage with the "Voltage Scale" in INAV configurator
  2. If you have a current sensor, make sure you calibrate it

In INAV Configurator

  • Voltage source to use for alarms and telemetry: Raw
  • Number of cells: 0 (0=auto, set if you always use the same cell count)
  • Maximum cell voltage for cell count detection: 4.3
  • Minimum cell voltage: 3.4 (match "Cell Critical" in Lua Telemetry)
  • Maximum cell voltage: 4.2
  • Warning cell voltage: 3.5 (match "Cell Low" in Lua Telemetry)
  • Set capacity in mAh to battery capacity
  • Warning capacity: 30% (match "Fuel Low" in Lua Telemetry)
  • Critical capacity: 10%

In INAV CLI (ignore for TBS Crossfire)

  • set smartport_fuel_unit = percent
  • set report_cell_voltage = OFF (if set to ON Lua Telemetry can't show total battery voltage)

In Lua Telemetry

  • Cell Low: 3.5V (match "Warning cell voltage" in INAV)
  • Cell Critical: 3.4V (match "Minimum cell voltage" in INAV)
  • Fuel Unit: Percent
  • Fuel Low: 30% (match "Warning capacity" in INAV)
  • Fuel Critical: 20%
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