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@iSoron iSoron released this Aug 21, 2021


hiqua and iSoron
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@iSoron iSoron released this May 23, 2021


  • Make checkmark widget resizable


  • Fix crash caused by numerical habits with zero target (@iSoron, #903)
  • Fix small issues with font size (@iSoron)
  • Allow fractional target values (@sumanabhi, #911)
  • Fix IllegalStateException in androidx.customview.view (@iSoron, #906)
  • Fix crash when selecting habit frequency in some languages (@iSoron, #926)
  • Fix IllegalArgumentException in RingView (@iSoron, #904)
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@iSoron iSoron released this May 9, 2021


  • Make midnight delay optional and disabled by default (@hiqua)
  • Add arrows to sort menu (@iSoron)


  • Temporarily remove experimental device sync functionality. This feature will be re-added in
    Loop 2.1.


  • Make implicit checkmarks easier to read (@iSoron)
  • Update and improve list of translators (@hiqua, @iSoron)


  • Disable transparency for stacked widgets (@hiqua)
  • Fix various color issues on the dark theme (@hiqua, @iSoron)
  • Fix "customize notifications" on older devices (@hiqua)
  • Fix snooze button in notifications when device is locked (@hiqua)
  • Fix a crash when deleting habits (@engineering4good)
  • Fix checkmark widget not rendering properly on some Samsung phones (@iSoron)

Refactoring & Testing

  • Finish conversion of the entire project to Kotlin (@hiqua, @iSoron, @MarKco)
  • Automatically run large tests on GitHub Actions (@iSoron)
  • Remove unused v21 resources (@hiqua)
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@iSoron iSoron released this Jan 31, 2021

  • Fix bug that caused incorrect check marks to show after scrolling (#713)
  • Fix issue preventing widgets from updating at midnight (#680)
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@iSoron iSoron released this Dec 30, 2020

  • Fix theme issues on Xiaomi phones
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@iSoron iSoron released this Nov 29, 2020

  • WARNING: This is an unstable alpha release, made for testing purposes only. It has received minimal testing, and is not suitable for regular daily usage. Be warned that it may contains serious bugs that could completely destroy or silently corrupt your data. Before upgrading to this alpha release, please create a full database backup. You will not be able to downgrade to a stable version unless you uninstall the app first, losing your data in the process.

  • F-Droid maintainers, please do not make this version available on F-Droid.

Major new features

Small enhancements to existing features

Bug fixes


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@iSoron iSoron released this Nov 26, 2020

  • Update translations
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@iSoron iSoron released this Nov 18, 2020

  • Manage exceptions when activities don't exist to handle intents (#181)
  • MemoryHabitList: Inherit parent's order (#598)
  • Remove notification groups; revert to default system behaviour (#546)
  • Remove SyncManager and Internet permission (#603)
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@iSoron iSoron released this Jun 24, 2020

  • Make small changes to the habit scheduling algorithm, so that "1 time every x days" habits work more predictably.
  • Fix crash when saving habit (some locales)
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@iSoron iSoron released this Jun 15, 2020

  • New bar chart showing number of repetitions performed in each week, month, quarter or year.
  • Improved calculation of streaks for non-daily habits: performing habits on irregular weekdays will no longer break your streak.
  • Many more colors to choose from (now 20 in total).
  • Ability to customize how transparent the widgets are on your home screen.
  • Ability to customize the first day of the week.
  • Yes/No buttons on notifications, instead of just "Check".
  • Automatic dark theme according to phone settings (Android 10).
  • Smaller APK and backup files.
  • Many other internal code changes improving performance and stability.
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