Tools for data-driven spectra models with Gaussian processes. Pronounced "soap."
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Pronounced "soap."

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Precision Spectroscopic Orbits A-Parametrically

PSOAP is a package for simultaneously inferring stellar (and/or exoplanet) orbits and stellar spectra using Gaussian processes. Some uses include:

  • Fitting for radial velocities in a template-free manner
  • Inferring orbits of single-lined spectroscopic binaries (e.g., exoplanets/their host stars)
  • Generation of high-fidelity stellar templates (for use with traditional RV cross-correlation measurements, variability searches)
  • Inferring orbits and spectra of double-lined spectroscopic binaries (see gif below)

Documentation and installation instructi ons are available at

disentangling loop

If you use our paper, code, or a derivative of it in your research, we would really appreciate a citation to Czekala et al. 2017:

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    adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}

Copyright Ian Czekala and collaborators 2016-17.

Papers using PSOAP

  • Disentangling Time-series Spectra with Gaussian Processes: Applications to Radial Velocity Analysis, Czekala et al. 2017
  • The Architecture of the GW Ori Young Triple Star System and Its Disk: Dynamical Masses, Mutual Inclinations, and Recurrent Eclipses, Czekala et al. 2017