Brain & Hybride bitcoin wallet. Versioning for cold storage.
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Mac os x/
cold storage for mac os x/Mircoin
cold storage package Brain & Hybrid bitcoin wallet.

The easyest way of accessing bitcoin, without installation, download or storing your data. You just need to remember your passphrase.

The characteristics of the wallet are:

  • Brain wallet. A wallet that exists nowhere except in your brain.
  • Safe wallet. We do not keep any trace of your private data, the wallet is regenerated from the passphrase every time.
  • Anonymous wallet. No registration or account validation, simply enter your passphrase to access to your wallet.
  • Hybrid wallet. You have a web interface, but your data is handled locally with JavaScript. Your private key never passes through the network.
  • Security wallet. Your passphrase is encrypted for the duration of your local session with the pin code. Your PIN code is stored nowhere.

You keep the full control on your money. Nobody can access or make payments with your bitcoin address.

On the web application, in order to let everybody test the wallet, even those who have no bitcoin, we have added a list of free bitcoin websites Smiley

To test the application, you can just try the passphrase "a" and see some transactions.