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Intelligent Input Bus for Linux/Unix
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We don't save emoji-list.html in the tarball because the file size is
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bindings Release 1.5.11 Jul 16, 2015
bus Install a DBus service file May 25, 2016
client client/gtk2: Fix SEGV with Wayland display Jun 3, 2016
conf conf/gconf: Fix SEGV in ibus_config_gconf_get_values May 26, 2016
data Enable to show a property on ibus panel icon Jun 19, 2015
debian Delete the python xdg dependency. Jul 5, 2013
docs Fix doc builds Jul 13, 2015
engine engine: Change language code from ISO 639-2 to ISO 639-1 in simple.xml Jan 15, 2016
ibus Install pygtk2 libraries to python2 site-packages. Feb 3, 2014
m4 Update source files with LGP 2.1 according to COPYING. Aug 9, 2013
po Update translations Jan 19, 2016
setup client/gtk2: Fix SEGV with Wayland display Jun 3, 2016
src engine: Add emoji-list.html Jun 23, 2016
test Update Sep 12, 2009
tools Replace with Jun 29, 2015
ui ui/gtk3: Fix panel CSS format for GTK 3.20 Jun 3, 2016
util Fix typo in util/IMdkit/IMdkit.h and Xi18n.h Apr 28, 2015
AUTHORS Add maintainers Jun 22, 2015
COPYING Change COPYING from LGPL 2.0 to LGPL 2.1 Oct 6, 2008 Release 1.5.12 (#2) Jan 20, 2016
NEWS import ibus May 12, 2008
README s/ in docs Jun 5, 2015 Remove -Werror in since the build still have errors. Dec 13, 2013
codereview.settings Add codereview.settings. Sep 8, 2010 engine: Implement Emoji typing with XKB engines Jun 21, 2016 Minor fixes related to Feb 1, 2012 Add pkgdatadir in Feb 8, 2011 Replace with Jun 29, 2015 WIP. Jun 17, 2008
xinput-ibus Update xinput-ibus to check Qt5 libraries besides Qt4 ones May 1, 2015


IBus - Input Bus


IBus is an Intelligent Input Bus. It is a new input framework for Linux OS.
It provides full featured and user friendly input method user interface.
It also may help developers to develop input method easily.

How to build & test IBus

It is a gtk program to enable and configure ibus.

It is ibus daemon.

Super + Space: Change input method.

For more detail please refer to .

Peng Huang <>
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