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Contributing Guide

Thanks for wanting to contribute to gatsby-plugin-next-seo 😁

We are open to all and any contributions. If you are going to undertake quite a large feature or refactor, maybe open an issue first to start a discussion with the maintainers.

Project Setup

  1. Pull the repo and install the dependencies:
git clone
yarn install
  1. Make your modifications / additions
  2. Update / Add Documentation
  3. Write / Update Tests. End to end tests are required for all changes and new features.
  4. Open pull request

Working with gatsby-plugin-next-seo

All of the library code is located in the src directory.

The example directory contains a fully working GatsbyJS app. This is used in the end to end tests. To run this app first you need to build gatsby-plugin-next-seo from the root directory yarn build. You can then run the example gatsby app with

yarn e2e:build
yarn e2e:start

This builds the local gatsby-plugin-next-seo) followed by yarn e2e:dev. You can also run it in a production build by running yarn e2e:build followed by yarn e2e:build.

To run the end to end tests you can run the following command

yarn test:e2e # builds everything first
yarn test:e2e:quick # Skips the initial build when all you want is to rerun the tests

To run the unit tests run yarn test or yarn test:watch to rerun automatically whenever a file changes.

Being added as Contributor

This project is using so you will be added for your contribution.

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