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Travis Content as Code

Content as Code

Content as Code is a partnership which develops workflows and technology to improve content re-use and maintainability.

It is formed of implementers in organisations publishing free/libre and open source content and wanting to have lightweight (post-CMS) approaches to content management that focus on the author experience (as well as editor and translator experience).


To develop workflows and technology to make content authoring and management benefit from software engineering collaboration best practices.

In particular by:

  • Using Git for version control
  • Using Markdown and enhanced flavors of Markdown for authoring
  • Developing better tools focusing on author experience
  • Developing pathways for content contribution and review
  • Enabling translation workflows
  • Support static website generation and interoperability with content management systems
  • Enabling content reuse


Reference Implementation

This repo contains the source (master branch) and generated (gh-pages branch) site which is building

It is a reference implementation for the crump workflow for Github/Github Pages/Prose/Transifex and also depends on:

Other implementations based on self-hosted software Gitlab/Jekyll/Prose will be developed.


  • You might need a ruby version manager (such as rvm)
  • You might need to bundle update


This repo should build automatically on Github Pages. To build the site locally for development:

bundle exec jekyll serve --watch --baseurl ''

You can also run bundle exec jekyll build (to generate the site in /_site) or bundle exec jekyll serve (optionally with the --watch flag to rebuild automatically when a source markdown file changes)


  • This site was built with the Hyde theme.
  • Minor changes were made such as:
    • adding the gems key/values
    • removing the relative_permalinks: true
    • kramdown's auto table of contents
    • adding source and edit links
  • I use this trick to keep the master branch synchronised with the gh-pages branch