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Open Hardware scanning laser rangefinder.
Its parameters:

  • 5 scans/second
  • 180 measurements per rotation (2 deg anglular resolution)
  • Maximum distance - 4 m
  • Measured accuracy ~3-5 cm at 3 m (depends upon the color of reflecting surface).

This device is really cheap - its components cost less than $30.
See "TotalBOM" with price calculations.

Now I'm updating the documentation for this LIDAR.
Some of it I'm writing to the project wiki:

Please take the simple survey about assembling instructions

Alt text

Utility for displaying "radar" scans from the working Lidar:
Alt text

Example of Hector SLAM working with this Lidar:
Alt text

This Lidar is using triangulation method for measuring distance to objects. It can be shown by this picture:
Alt text

Some modeled pictures of the assembled Lidar can be found here:

Some more info:

Video of using OpenSimpleLidar for Autonomous Robot Navigation:

See also my previous LIDAR project:
If you need LIDAR with increased speed and range, see this project:

Please leave your feedback if you will be able to build this Lidar - I need more feedback about assembing instructions.