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RMarkdown Templates for UIUC Theme-Oriented Documents
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UIUC Themes for R Markdown (uiucthemes)

The uiucthemes package includes a collection of UIUC-themed templates for presentations, journal articles, and exam templates.

Included in the package are:

  • beamer_illinois: Illinois colored header boxes
  • beamer_orange: Minimialist slides with a color preference to orange.
  • beamer_mil: Beamer Market Information Lab (MIL)
  • beamer_imetropolis: Metropolis Theme with Illinois colors for Beamer.
  • html_imetropolis: xaringan-powered Metropolis Theme for Illinois.
  • latex_journal_report: initial implementation of a journal entry for a class.

Screenshots of each template are included in package overview vignette.

beamer_illinois - Example

Within an RMarkdown file, add the following:

title: '"Illinois" UIUC Beamer Theme'
short-title: "Beamer Slides"
author: "John and Mary Doe"
short-author: "J & M Doe"
date: 'October 02, 2019'      # Month DD, YYYY (Main Slide)
short-date: '10/02/2019' # MM/DD/YYYY (Lower Right)
institute: "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign"
short-institute: "UIUC"
department: "Department of Magic"                # Institute must be defined
license: "Did you license this slide deck? "
section-titles: false                            # Provides slide headings
safe-columns: true                               # Enables special latex macros for columns.

# Section title     
## Subsection title 

### Frame Title

Frame content 

**Unordered List**

- [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)](
- [Department of Statistics](
- [Illinois Informatics Institute](

*Ordered List*

1. <>
2. <>

#### Title for block box

Content inside of a box 

### \LaTeX

\begin{exampleblock}{Binomial Theorem}
  f\left(k\right) = \binom{n}{k} p^k\left(1-p\right)^{n-k}

Hello Equation \ref{eq:binom}

This generates:

Materials Referenced


Using uiucthemes from RStudio

To use uiucthemes from RStudio:

  1. Install the latest RStudio.

  2. Install the uiucthemes package:

  1. Use the New R Markdown dialog to create an article from one of the templates:

New R Markdown

Using uiucthemes outside of RStudio

  1. Install pandoc using the instructions for your platform.

  2. Install the rmarkdown and uiucthemes packages:

  1. Use the rmarkdown::draft function to create articles:
rmarkdown::draft("slide_deck.Rmd", template = "beamer_illinois", package = "uiucthemes")

Using a development version of uiucthemes

To access the development version of uiucthemes, e.g. not on CRAN, please use:

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