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For issue #57 pip wrongly selects a macosx binary .zip file

Instead of a source file it downloads a binary macosx .zip file
which contains a binary installer.
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1 parent 128f15c commit c8d11dee87041fcbbc1b06115bb381b6f02abb0f @illume committed Dec 15, 2011
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@@ -294,6 +294,11 @@ def _link_package_versions(self, link, search_name):
logger.debug('Skipping link %s; unknown archive format: %s' % (link, ext))
return []
+ if "macosx10" in link.path and ext in ('.zip'):
+ if link not in self.logged_links:
+ logger.debug('Skipping link %s; macosx10 one' % (link))
+ self.logged_links.add(link)
+ return []
version = self._egg_info_matches(egg_info, search_name, link)
if version is None:
logger.debug('Skipping link %s; wrong project name (not %s)' % (link, search_name))

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