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illumos Project Discussion

IPDs are a shrink-to-fit description of larger scale (in either code size or impact) project wishing to make changes to illumos. They should describe the what and the why and give people the opportunity to comment on both.

An IPD is at its heart, just a in a numbered directory in this repository, existing IPDs are enumerated below for easy reference. Further information is available at the end of this document.


state IPD
predraft IPD 1 Virtual Environment for Jenkins Build and Test
published IPD 2 Running smatch for illumos builds
published IPD 3 Link management improvements
published IPD 4 Manual Page Section Renumbering
published IPD 5 Rationalize SPARC platform support
draft IPD 6 allocb(): The pri argument, and use of KM_NORMALPRI
published IPD 7 illumos GCC maintenance
published IPD 8 EOF NCA/NL7C
published IPD 9 PCI Alias Disambiguation
published IPD 10 full argv in ps
published IPD 11 NFS Server for Zones (NFS-Zone)
published IPD 12 /proc/PID/fdinfo/
published IPD 13 Safer DDI DMA Cookie Functions
predraft IPD 14 illumos and Y2038
published IPD 15 bhyve integration/upstream
published IPD 16 EOF SunOS 4 binary compatibility
draft IPD 17 SMF Runtime Directory Creation Support
published IPD 18 overlay network integration/upstream
published IPD 19 Sunset SPARC
draft IPD 20 Kernel Test Facility
published IPD 21 PCI Platform Unification
draft IPD 22 Unsharing shared Libraries
predraft IPD 23 Xen and the Art of Operating System Maintenance: A Removal of a Platform
predraft IPD 24 Support for 64-bit ARM
draft IPD 25 Authenticated pfexec
draft IPD 26 Sunset CardBus and PC Card
published IPD 27 Sunset TNF
draft IPD 28 EOF Legacy Network Driver interfaces
published IPD 29 Sunset Sockets Direct Protocol
draft IPD 30 Remove obsolete SCSA functions
published IPD 31 Kernel interface stability documentation
draft IPD 32 Introduce scsi_hba_pkt_mapin
predraft IPD 33 Obsolete legacy SCSI HBA API
draft IPD 34 Rationalize Kernel Architecture Module Paths
draft IPD 35 Sunset VTOC - SPARC
draft IPD 36 Rationalize $(MACH64) Command Paths
published IPD 37 Vendor-specific Command, Log, and Feature Support in nvmeadm(8)
published IPD 38 Signal Handling, Extended FPU State, ucontexts, x86, and You
published IPD 39 Datalink Media Types
draft IPD 40 Cross compilation for illumos
draft IPD 41 Improving PCI devinfo Naming and Future Platforms


Contributions are welcome. A good rule of thumb as to whether you should have an IPD is whether you are making a change with high impact to other developers or users (introducing or removing a supported platform, doing something with non-obvious compatibility constraints), or engaging in a long-term project that will likely integrate in pieces, to provide the overall picture.

For your first contribution, you might want to just submit a pull request to this repository. Going forward if this is a thing that you will do again, we'll probably give you write access to this repository so you can just add your new IPDs as they come up.


An IPD has a short header block indicating authorship (that's you), sponsorship (we'll get to that), and state.



You've started writing your IPD and you want to share it narrowly, or even just to reserve your a number in this repository. You're predraft, maybe you only have a title and a short paragraph right now, that's fine.


You've finished writing and explaining, and now you're going to send your IPD to the developer mailing list, this is a draft, you're going to receive feedback so it's not complete, but it's close.


One or more people from the illumos core team have agreed that what you've described is a good thing, and that we should do it. Your IPD is done and published (though is not immutable! If you find more information would be useful later, please add it!)


"Sponsor" is a weird word here, it's just the person or people on the illumos core team who were ok with your IPD. Don't worry about it.


illumos Project Discussion







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