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An electron-vue project a boilerplate for developing kiosks, digital signage or other human-machine interaction projects based on ElectronJS Vue.js

Getting started

  • Sign up on
  • go throught the getting started guide and create a new application
  • clone this repository to your local workspace
  • add the resin remote to your local workspace using the useful shortcut in the dashboard UI remoteadd
  • git push resin master
  • see the magic happening, your device is getting updated Over-The-Air!

Configure via environment variables

Variable Name Value Description Device-specific
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem a value from 64 to 160 the amount of RAM dedicated to the GPU Raspberry Pi (all revs)

Apply the above settings in the "Fleet Configuration" panel (if applying it for the all devices withing your application), or "Device Configuration" panel (if applying it for a single device).


Achieving kinda-smooth desktop application display on a devices like the raspberrypi is hard. This project aims to provide a quickstart template.


We did a lot of researches and tests with several window managers. Fluxbox ended up being the most balanced between minimum footprint and features


!!! Please note that since 0.1.0 the bool-based env vars dropped true / false strings in favour of 0 / 1 ones. !!!

simply set these environment varables in your app via "Environment Variables" panel in the resin dashboard to configure the behaviour of your devices. Please note that the bool type definition in the table is meant to accept to either 0 or 1 values.

  • URL_LAUNCHER_URL string - the URL to be loaded. use file:////usr/src/app/data/index.html to load a local electronJS (or any website) app - defaults to file:////usr/src/app/data/index.html
  • URL_LAUNCHER_KIOSK bool (converted from string) - whether or not enter KIOSK mode - defaults to 1
  • URL_LAUNCHER_TITLE string - the title of the window. Seen only with URL_LAUNCHER_FRAME=true - defaults to RESIN.IO
  • URL_LAUNCHER_FRAME bool (converted from string) - set to "true" to display the window frame. Seen only with URL_LAUNCHER_KIOSK=false - defaults to 0
  • URL_LAUNCHER_WIDTH int (converted from string) - - defaults to 1920
  • URL_LAUNCHER_HEIGHT int (converted from string) - - defaults to 1080
  • URL_LAUNCHER_TOUCH bool (converted from string) - enables touch events if your device supports them - defaults to 0
  • URL_LAUNCHER_TOUCH_SIMULATE bool (converted from string) - simulates touch events - might be useful for touchscreen with partial driver support - be aware this could be a performance hog - defaults to 0
  • URL_LAUNCHER_ZOOM float (converted from string) - The default zoom factor of the page, 3.0 represents 300% - defaults to 1.0

Build Setup

# install dependencies
yarn install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:9080
yarn run dev

# build electron application for production
yarn run build

# lint all JS/Vue component files in `src/`
yarn run lint

This project was generated with electron-vue@3a1e893 using vue-cli. Integrated with resin based on resin-electronjs Documentation about the original structure can be found here.