Example of Now Deprecated Native Script Plugin for Elasticsearch
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Example of Native Script Plugin for Elasticsearch

Important Deprecation Note

Please note that native scripts were deprecated in v5.5.0 and removed in v6.0.0. Consider migrating your native scripts to the ScriptEngine. Please see elastic/elasticsearch#24726 for more information.


This plugin contains a few examples of native script for Elasticsearch.

Please make sure to use the correct branch of this repository that corresponds to the version of elasticsearch that you are developing the plugin for.

Example Plugin Branch Elasticsearch
master 5.4.0
5.3 5.3.1
2.x 2.×.x
2.0 2.0.x
1.x 1.×.x

To build the example use ./gradlew assemble on linux and mac or gradlew.bat assemble on Windows. The assembled plugin can be found in the build/distributions directory. Follow the elasticsearch instruction to install the plugin.