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The CMS running at during 33C3

I've set up a temporary site during 33c3 where visitors of the conference could easily upload images and short videos. Authentication was handled by using github oauth logins.

Uploaded content was moderated by following links sent in a moderation email for each upload.

info-beamer hosted imported all content every 5 minutes and distributed the assets to all devices.

All in all, 131 user generated images and videos were uploaded during 33c3 and shown on various TV screens and in the big halls.

33c3 setup


Tested on Ubuntu 16.04:

$ virtualenv --system-site-packages env
$ . env/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

The directory also serves as a daemontools runnable directory. To start the website, link this directory to /etc/service. After a few seconds the server should be up and listen to port 10000.

During 33c3 the site itself was exposed through a locally running nginx server. You can see the configuration used in misc/33c3.conf. Additionally everything was running behind cloudflare for trivial SSL setup.

For moderation mails I've used mailgun. Create a new SMTP credential on the website and make sure to set it up in settings.cfg.

Additionally the login uses github. I've set up a new application for that. Grab the client id and secret key and update settings.cfg.

Running the website will create an sqlite database in db/db to save information about users and uploaded assets.

How it works

Users log into the site using their github account. Upon login it is verified that the account is allowed to use the CMS by checking its age and follower count.

Logged in users can upload images and videos. After uploading them, they are verified to have the correct size and maximum play duration. Successful uploads are stored in the static/.

Integration with info-beamer hosted

In hosted you can import the uploaded content as an info-beamer package. Just import the package from (replace with your domain):

Once done you can setup a cronjob somehwere that triggers info-beamer hosted to poll for updates every 5 minutes like this:

*/5  * * * * curl

You can find the values for XXX and YYYY on the package page in the webhook URL value.

The package integrates with the 33c3 info-beamer package . So you can add the imported package as a child package to the 33c3 package. See the 33c3 package on how to configure playback.

The source code for the CMS info-beamer code is in static. Have a look at tile.lua.

Potentially useful information

This project was an experiment and serves as a proof of concept on how to build a simple custom content management system that integrates into info-beamer hosted. As such I used the opportunity to try new tools and approaches. In particular the dashboard site of the CMS is a single page app that is build with the ES6 javascript syntax using vuejs. There might be better ways to implement things. Running your own installation might work, but there's a lot of rough edges. If you have useful tips or want to contribute, feel free to send me feedback.


The source code for the website / info-beamer package that powered during 33c3







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