@darko-mijic darko-mijic released this Nov 27, 2018

Assets 6

Daedalus 0.11.2 with Cardano 1.3.2

Cardano 1.3.2

Bug fixes and improvements

Epoch boundary block maximum size

Maximum block size for epoch boundary blocks changed to 1.953 MB instead of incorrectly using the maximum block size of regular blocks for epoch boundary blocks.

Installer integrity verification

PGP signatures

Installers are signed with IOHK's organisational PGP key with this fingerprint: D32587D4090FE461CAEE0FF4966E5CB9CBFAA9BA.

SHA256 checksums

macOS, daedalus-0.11.2-cardano-sl-1.3.2-mainnet-macos-3541.pkg:

Windows, daedalus-0.11.2-cardano-sl-1.3.2-mainnet-windows-10311.exe: