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Interledger Settlement Engines written in Rust
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Interledger Settlement Engines

Interledger Settlement Engines implementation in Rust 💸.

Compliant with the RFC

Currently Supported Engines

  • Ethereum L1 payments (ethereum-engine)

Installation and Usage

To run the settlement engines components you can use the following instructions, depending on the engine you want to use:

Using Docker


  • Docker


docker pull interledgerrs/ethereum-engine

Building From Source


  • Git
  • Rust - latest stable version


# 1. Clone the repository and change the working directory
git clone

# 2. Build the engine of your choice (add `--release` to compile the release version, which is slower to compile but faster to run)
cargo build --bin <engine-name> 

This will build an engine with a redis backend. In the future, you will be able to use engines with more backends than just redis.

The currently supported engines are `ethereum-engine`, which performs settlement on Ethereum (Layer 1) without payment channel support.

# 3. Run tests
cargo test --all --all-features


cargo run --bin <engine-name> 

Append the --help flag to see available options.


Contributions are very welcome and if you're interested in getting involved, see We're more than happy to answer questions and mentor you in making your first contributions to (even if you've never written in Rust before)!

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