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@suschneider suschneider released this 03 Mar 17:21
· 1067 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:


  • introduce formly (a dynamic form library) for standard form handling (932e36b)
  • use formly for many forms (110f28d)
  • add formly checkbox field, minor formly improvements (#574) (d850ee6)
  • generate lazy component for content-include to be used in application shell (b8ae40d)
  • multi-channel with multi ICM support (#536,#420) (434ed47)
  • set unique ids for form fields in payment components (#586) (832cdba)
  • add order template detail links on order template widget (#575) (8112321)
  • allow overriding component templates and component styles depending on environment (#537) (b15a471)
  • provide Dockerfile for deployment without SSR (#538) (1307a0b)
  • use seo metadata provided by CMS REST API for content pages (#540) (2b473ed)
  • display ICM managed display names for sorting keys on listings (#535) (f432188)
  • devcontainer for VSCode (#515) (7b3d937)
  • schematics: generate lazy components for shared components in shell module (beea0b4)

Bug Fixes

  • use customer id when fetching company user (3d684bf)
  • working and adjusted concardis-directdebit validation (#590) (deaed69)
  • flexible safety checks for custom webpack (c358249)
  • use new checkbox type in directdebit (3b0adb4)
  • prevent endless loading with empty array for wishlists and order templates (#571) (3f5f799)
  • display of crossed prices in the checkout items widget (#559) (19d88bb)
  • add feature toggle route guard for 'punchout' routes (#527) (7d27960)
  • regenerate self signed SSL certificate (#542) (8ce720d)
  • include production webpack in docker build to repair production build (d464e58)
  • preserve URLs when errors are encountered (#511) (97ad95b)
  • loading overlay for quickorder (0fc7045)
  • expand minibasket when loading finished (c96477f)
  • initialize quantity for retail set parts to repair add to cart from listing pages (0ab511f)

Performance Improvements

  • restructure chunk splitting for feature toggles (#570) (6198f8f)
  • purgecss for css minification integrated into webpack build (#562) (2199b82)
  • shell module as standalone module (#568) (c438931)
  • move sentry to lazy loaded bundle by lazy invocation (983ae82)
  • move formly to lazy bundle (#566) (101e3a3)
  • main bundle reduction (#553) (0f3b23f)
  • add purgecss for css minification (e4aa79f)
  • tune webpack chunk settings (5e8f67e)
  • remove data-testing attributes for production build (82ad581)


  • dependencies update/upgrade documentation additions (branch naming, package-lock.json) (a695bc4)
  • optimizations documentation (ef85d1c)
  • add chapter running server side rendering with https (eeddc76)

Code Refactoring

  • product selector memoization (#528) (ac0b35a)
  • use native swiper instead of ngx-swiper-wrapper (#552) (f596d0b)


  • Introduced formly for standard form handling. See Migrations / 0.27 to 0.28 for more details.
  • Refactoring the way product memoization is done and additional product components retrieve data with context facade
  • Removed the dependency to ngx-swiper-wrapper and used swiper with native Angular support.
  • Refactored setting production mode to support running Angular CLI with multiple configurations (ng serve -c brand,production).