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@suschneider suschneider released this 12 Aug 12:55
· 463 commits to develop since this release

required Intershop Commerce Management version:

required/tested Node.js version: 16.16.0 LTS (including npm 8.11.0)


  • add "Back To Top" button (#1180) (27f1f27)
  • show system reject errors for requisition (#1238) (ace4c77)
  • display multiple basket errors (#1230, #1108) (c0d73c7)
  • translate CMS configuration parameter URL based on type (#385, #1223) (3957b14)
  • Angular A11y ESLint Rules (Accessibility) (#1168) (e584271)
  • display basket loading only on items list (1cabc4b)
  • add paging bar to the list of line items (basket, requisition, order, quote) (afd7995)
  • active files report includes style files (#1190) (2f7c765)
  • complex configuration can be supplied as yaml (#1133) (4a71df7)
  • select payment methods as default in the payment settings (#1159) (87a19f8)
  • enable additional features extending defaults in multi-site (#1191) (8a260b1)
  • CMS managed footer (#1144, #1166) (562c56a)
  • introduce SSR variable for platform checks (#1080) (7c6a226)
  • remove pagespeed module from our nginx container (#1150) (d2897f9)
  • create a product review on product detail page (#1198) (9ac2f85)
  • add a custom description to the textarea description wrapper (80a69c3)
  • seo: optimized content page URLs with full content page path (#1161) (7a71372)
  • seo: optimized product URLs with full category path (#1164) (0252857)
  • seo: optimized category URLs with full category path (#1163) (2a212bb)

Bug Fixes

  • prevent directory traversal on SSR (#1241) (c7d8d00)
  • disable add-to-basket when quantity is zero (#1066) (edf1573)
  • correct selector for custom components in projects generated by schematics (#1240) (3280dd4)
  • missing display name for default sorting in product lists (5fb6ee9)
  • do not display a shipping method details popover if no shipping method description is managed (8fe342b)
  • unnecessary emissions of the getCurrentBasket selector if the basket loading state changes (#1234) (d22ba7d)
  • prevent linting for running schematics with dry-run option (#1221, #1226) (5183ed4)
  • failing precommit hook, if this commit doesn't include tests (#1228) (ac782ba)
  • display the order confirmation page when returning from redirect after checkout (#1227) (3ea3b8c)
  • revert selector-not-notation behavior to overload Bootstrap standard styles (#1218) (6bf7e47)
  • static page component needs to load the content page tree for the breadcrumb even if the navigation is not shown (#1215) (51275d5)
  • use double encoded resource ids to support special characters in email address as user login (#939, #940) (2e8f7e4)
  • repair jest optimization for Angular 14 upgrade (#1210) (491d78b)
  • repair cleanup testbed (c824159)
  • Invite page in ssr is not working (#1200) (215525e)
  • purgecss exeption for generated filter-layer CSS classes (#1204, #1207) (3bd0626)
  • make default favicon accessible from root (2cda276)
  • don't display the review tab on product master variation page (#1193) (c70b0ff)
  • content page not found when reloading a page with an authenticated user (#1198) (1e7af60)
  • pin nginx version to 1.21.6 instead of using latest (#1188) (2ba3d94)

Performance Improvements

  • reduce add product to basket debounce time (243a567)
  • limit the number of items shown in the mini basket (7175453)


  • update mapper documentation (#1224) (d5155d3)
  • seo: add chapter for search engine optimized URLs/routes (b8424e2)

Code Refactoring

  • replace unmaintained angular2-uuid lib (#1203) (3c6b924)
  • schematics: invert noCMSPrefixing option (d1258fb)



  • seo: Content page routes/URLs were changed (see Migrations / 2.4 to 3.0 for more details).
  • seo: Product routes/URLs were changed (see Migrations / 2.4 to 3.0 for more details).
  • seo: Category routes/URLs were changed (see Migrations / 2.4 to 3.0 for more details).
  • The footer.content localization key was replaced for most of its content by a CMS manageable content include.
  • Introduced double encoding of resource ids in REST API calls for user login (see Migrations / 2.4 to 3.0 for more details).
  • Introduced the build variable SSR that is now used for all checks if the application is running in SSR or Browser context (see Migrations / 2.4 to 3.0 for more details).
  • Angular 14 and dependecies update (see Migrations / 2.4 to 3.0 for more details).
  • Jest upgrade to version 28, the jest-marbles package has been replaced by jasmine-marbles.
  • The @ngx-translate/http-loader has been removed from the dependencies.
  • The pagespeed module of NGINX has been removed without replacement.
  • We removed the unmaintained angular2-uuid library in favor of the standard uuid library (see Migrations / 2.4 to 3.0 for more details).
  • Removed (deferLoad) directive and replaced it with loading="lazy" (see Migrations / 2.4 to 3.0 for more details).
  • The cypress test files moved from cypress/integration folder to cypress/e2e. The cypress config file changed and also some scripts have been adapted to reflect the new config structure.
  • schematics: The cms schematic's noCMSPrefixing option has been renamed to cmsPrefixing with an inverted behavior.