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Sites Using OmniAuth

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This is a community-curated lists of sites that are using OmniAuth to handle authentication. Feel free to add your own site to this list if you're using OmniAuth in production.

  • HALL - Team Communication
  • - The AppStore Search Engine
  • Zivvys - Follow and Share local news just like you follow people on twitter.
  • RailsWizard - A step-by-step template generator for Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Foosleague - A Foosball "league" tracker for offices and bars.
  • Monday Calendar -- The most advanced calendar on the planet. Handles todos, appointments and events side by side super conveniently.
    Using OmniAuth with Devise from @plataformatec for user signup and signin via Twitter and Facebook. And using omniauth-google-oauth2 by @zquestz for connecting to Google for full calendar sync.
  • Stipple - Simple photo annotation.
  • AgileMeeting - Face to face for distributed teams.
  • RunHero - Create training schedules to prepare for a race.
  • JustArrangeIt - Take the pain out of coordinating your event.
  • - A portal to freecyling, freegiving, freesharing, reduce, reusing, recycling, etc
  • - Collect and share every beer you drink.
  • WarSquare - Foursquare & jQuery Mobile Powered War Games.
  • Decaf Sucks - There’s a lot of coffee out there. We want to help you find the good and avoid the bad.
  • Spotcard - Send postcards from your Gowalla check-ins. (temporarily offline)
  • Inviite - Create online invitations with or without an account.
  • Go vs Go - Play the board game Go online with other players or against the computer.
  • SlowHunch - Idea-sharing app based on @stevenbjohnson 's new book, "Where Good Ideas Come From"
  • call4paperz - manage call for papers phase on any kind on event.
  • GitHub - GitHub Firewall Install uses OmniAuth for authentication and we like it.
  • - Save and share videos you enjoy
  • - Meet and host Office Hours with interesting people.
  • Railscasts - Ruby on Rails Screencasts (OmniAuth used when commenting)
  • Remind-á-Mail - Remind-á-Mail, send emails to yourself or others in the future, or use our API in your application!
  • - A handy web app to create Curriculum Vitae/Resume in pdf file.
  • de Ballet - A social content network for ballet.
  • Artenlinea - A network of portfolios for visual artists, with services for online curatory and a artwork marketplace.
  • Red Dirt Ruby Conf - A Ruby conference in Oklahoma uses OmniAuth for its registration system.
  • - Wholesale - Buy Chemical Products Online from China Wholesalers at
  • - A hostel booking engine.
  • - A tech news aggregation site
  • - A site for collaborative poetry. Poets can compete by contributing stanzas to create poems. Poets can start, join or browse poem wars.
  • Rails Debutant A site for french beginners who wants to learn Ruby on Rails.
  • Harlow Radio Club My Local Amateur Radio Club
  • Wompt Group Web Chat for everyone
  • OER Glue Remix the web into educational experiences
  • TwHistory Historical re-enactments via Twitter
  • Clinicbook Online booking for health-care appointments
  • QuickerBuy An FREE integrated trading platform. We simplify selling across multiple online channels to help managing all your stores and offer best deals to international buyers.
  • FreeRADIUS project Integrates omniauth and gollum using omniauth and omnigollum to provide login services for its wiki.
  • Deploy Tracking - Keep track of deployments of all your projects and easily find out who did what, when and where on your projects.
  • - Social Differentiation platform.
  • - Buy Chemical Products Online from China Wholesalers at
  • AnsiProject - Pixiv-like Chinese ANSI arts collecting site.
  • - Online survey site supporting embedded videos, pictures & extensive data analysis.
  • ScienceCard - Profile pages and article-level metrics for scientists.
  • Arms Dealer - Gun shop & shooting range business directory.
  • CMP.LY - Social media compliance made simple.
  • Shopseen - Discover the best deals picked by people who share your tastes.
  • Vimpusher - Social vim plugin service.
  • Samplaid - Simple way to share sample code.
  • RubyMonk - Interactive tutorials for learning Ruby.
  • IndieAuth - Sign in with your domain name, authenticating against multiple backend authentication providers using OmniAuth.
  • TestingBot - Online Selenium Grid.
  • InEx Finance - Simple yet powerful personal finance app that uses OmniAuth for registration, signing in and adding multiple external authentications to profile.
  • ValuationUp is an online financial analysis & strategy tool for privately-held businesses.
  • Aha! - Visual roadmaps for product managers.
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