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IONDV. Develop-and-test

Develop-and-test is a IONDV. Framework application.

IONDV. Develop-and-test

Start with IONDV. Framework

IONDV. Framework - is a node.js open source framework for developing accounting applications or microservices based on metadata and individual modules. Framework is a part of instrumental digital platform to create enterprise (ERP) apps. This platform consists of the following open-source components: the IONDV. Framework, the modules и ready-made applications expanding it functionality, visual development environment Studio to create metadata for the app.


Develop-and-test - is created to show you the type of metadata and basic functional modules of the IONDV. Framework and to highlight the most powerful features. It has most of the components from the full version to get you a walkthrough of our framework to build top quality web applications.


Go to No registration needed. The login for access is - demo and the password is - ion-demo.

Software requirements

Install Node.js runtime and npm package manager to run the IONDV.Framework. Version 10.x.x.

Install and run the MongoDB DBMS to store the data. Version 3.6.


You can use IONDV. Framework apps installer, requiring installed node.js, mongodb and git. During the installation, all other dependencies will be checked and installed, and the application itself will be built and run.

Install in one line:

bash <(curl -sL -t git -q -i -m localhost:27017 develop-and-test

Where localhost: 27017 is the MongoDB address, and develop-and-test is the app name.

Also the other way is to clone - (git clone and install the app by using the bash iondv-app -m localhost:27017 develop-and-test command.

Gitclone with repository

Global dependencies

To build all components and libraries, you need to install the following components globally:

  • package node-gyp npm install -g node-gyp. For the Windows operating system, it is additionally necessary to install the windows-build-tools package npm install -g --production windows-build-tools
  • Gulp installation package npm install -g gulp@4.0. 4.0 - supported version of Gulp
  • package manager of frontend libraries Bower npm install -g bower

Core, modules and application

The dependencies are listed in the package.json file.

Example of the package.json file:

  "engines": {
    "ion": "3.0.0"
  "ionModulesDependencies": {
    "registry": "3.0.0",
    "geomap": "1.5.0",
    "portal": "1.4.0",
    "report": "2.0.0",
    "ionadmin": "2.0.0",
    "dashboard": "1.1.0",
    "soap": "1.1.2"
  "ionMetaDependencies": {
    "viewlib": "0.9.1"
  • Install the core, Its version is specified in the engines": "ion": 3.0.0 parameter. Copy the URL of the core repository and execute the command git clone dnt, where dnt is a application name, for example full path is /workspace/dnt'. Go to the core folder and switch the tag of the version number git checkout tags/3.0.0`.
  • Further, install the modules listed in the ionModulesDependencies parameter. Navigate to the module folder executing the cd modules command. Clone modules from the ionModulesDependencies list, for the registry module the command is git clone Go to the folder of the installed module and switch the tag of the version number git checkout tags/3.0.0. Repeat for each module.
  • To install the application, go to the application folder executing the cd ..\applications command, if you're in the module folder. Clone the path to repository by git clone Go to the folder of installed application and switch the tag of the version number git checkout tags/2.0.0.
  • Finally, install all necessary applications listed in the ionMetaDependencies parameter in the applications folder. Make sure that you're inside this folder. Clone the dependencies in ionMetaDependencies, in particularly viewlib - a additional application - library of views templates. Execute the git clone to clone to the applications folder. Go to the folder of installed application and switch to the tag of the version number git checkout tags/0.9.1. Repeat for each application.

Building, configuring and deploying the application

Building the application provides installation of all depended libraries, importing data into the database and preparing the application for launch.

Create the configuration file setup.ini in the /config folder of the core to set the main parameters of the application environment.


Open the file and paste the text above. The main parameter is db.uri=mongodb:// It shows the base name that we use for the application. The DB will be created automatically.

Set the NODE_PATH environment variable which is equal to the path of the application core. For Windows the command is set NODE_PATH=c:\workspace\dnt, for Linux - export NODE_PATH=/workspace/dnt. /workspace/dnt is the directory of the application.

The npm install installs all key dependencies, including locally the gulp build-tool. Please make sure that the Gulp version - is 4.0.

Further, execute the gulp assemble command to build and deploy the application.

If you want to import data into your project, check the demo data in the data folder of the application and run the command: node bin/import-data --src ./applications/develop-and-test --ns develop-and-test

Add the admin user with the 123 password executing the node bin\adduser.js --name admin --pwd 123 command.

Add admin rights to the user executing the node bin\acl.js --u admin@local --role admin --p full command.


Run the app, executing the npm start or node bin/www command.

Open this link http://localhost:8888 in a browser and log in. 8888 — is a port in the server.ports parameter.


Follow these steps to deploy docker container:

  1. Run mongodb
docker run  --name mongodb \
            -v mongodb_data:/data/db \
            -p 27017:27017 \
            --restart unless-stopped \
            -d \
  1. Deploy your IONDV. Develop-and-test and additional applications
docker run --entrypoint="" --link mongodb --rm iondv/dnt node bin/import --src ./applications/develop-and-test --ns develop-and-test
docker run --entrypoint="" --link mongodb --rm iondv/dnt node bin/setup develop-and-test --reset
docker run --entrypoint="" --link mongodb --rm iondv/dnt node bin/setup viewlib

If you want to import data into your project, check the demo data in the data folder of the application and run the command:

docker run --entrypoint="" --link mongodb --rm iondv/dnt node bin/import-data --src ./applications/develop-and-test --ns develop-and-test
  1. Create user admin with password 123 and admin role
docker run --entrypoint="" --link mongodb --rm iondv/dnt node bin/adduser --name admin --pwd 123
docker run --entrypoint="" --link mongodb --rm iondv/dnt node bin/acl --u admin@local --role admin --p full
  1. Start application
docker run -d -p 80:8888 --name dnt --link mongodb iondv/dnt

Open http://localhost/ in your browser.

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Copyright (c) 2019 LLC "ION DV".
All rights reserved.


Develop-and-test is an IONDV. Framework application for testing (dnt app) -





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