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Ion Core integration/staging repository

pipelines Snap Status CircleCI Build Status BitBucket issues

Latest release Contact us/Chat with us homepage status
Latest release Release date Twitter Chat on Discord Official Encrypted Support (Matrix)

If you want to encrypt your email/files, please use public pgp key provided below. Keybase PGP

Installation methods

We offer different installation and distribution methods covering most user needs. Below you can see

Install via SNAP (preffered method for linux users)

For full information about usage and possible installation methods and Branches, please check out Ioncore Snap Builds

sudo snap install ioncore

Get it from the Snap Store

Download and install latest stable release binaries (preffered method for windows and mac os users)

Latest release Latest stable Release

For full information about usage and possible installation methods and Branches, please check out Build and install ion (all OS)

Build, compile and install from source (for advanced users)

Ion sources:

We forked from PIVX and integrated ION's specific features into the PivX codebase.

By doing so, we connect to an enthusiastic and active community - leaving behind old Ion code that inherits from less actively developed and maintained code. Our main sources are now derived from:

pivx dash bitcoin

More information at Visit our ANN thread at BitcoinTalk

Coin Specs

Coin specifications
Algorithm hybrid: X11 (PoW) / SHA-256 (PoS)
Retargeting Algorithm DGW
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Max Coin Supply Unlimited
Premine 16,400,000 ION*

*16,629,951 Ion Premine was burned in block 1

Reward Distribution

Genesis block

Block Height Reward Amount Notes
1 16,400,000 ION Initial Pre-mine

PoW Rewards Breakdown

Block Height Masternodes Miner Total Max coin supply
2-454 50% (11.5 ION) 50% (11.5 ION) 10,419 ION 16,410,419 ION

PoS/PoW Rewards Breakdown

Block Height Masternodes Miner/Minter Budget Max coin supply
455-1000 50% (11.5 ION) 50% (11.5 ION) 12,558 ION 16,422,977 ION

PoS Rewards Breakdown

Block Height Masternodes Minter Budget Max coin supply
1001-125146 50% (11.5 ION) 50% (11.5 ION) 2,855,358 ION 19,278,335 ION
125147-550001 50% (8.5 ION) 50% (8.5 ION) 7,222,535 ION 26,500,870 ION
550002-551441 50% (0.01 ION) 50% (0.01 ION) 28.8 ION 26,500,898.8 ION
551442-570063 50% (8.5 ION) 50% (8.5 ION) 316,574 ION 26,817,472.8 ION
570064-1013539 50% (5.75 ION) 50% (5.75 ION) 5,099,974 ION 31,917,446.8 ION
1013540-1600000 50% (2.875 ION) 50% (2.875 ION) 3,372,150.75 ION 35,289,597.55 ION

Hybrid PoS/PoW Rewards Breakdown

Block Height Masternodes Miner Minter Annual (ION) Annual (ELEC)
1600000 - 70% ION (0.35 ION) 100% ELEC (0.5 ELEC) 30% ION (0.15 ION) 262,800 ION 262,800 ELEC

Ion Core FAQ/Help

get support/chat with us or send your request per Email. You can also join our discord or encrypted chat on matrix. Twitter Chat on Discord Official Encrypted Support (Matrix)



ION Core



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  • C++ 67.4%
  • C 16.8%
  • Python 10.6%
  • M4 1.7%
  • Makefile 1.1%
  • Shell 0.9%
  • Other 1.5%