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IoTempower is a framework and environment for making the Internet of Things (IoT) accessible for everyone


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IoTempower version 0.9.3 MIT License Platforms: Linux | Raspberry Pi | Android | Windows | iOS | Mac

Quick Links: Install | First IoT Node | Raspberry Pi Quickstart | Examples | Docs | Support | Contribute

Get In Touch: IoTempire Discord | YouTube Playlist | Matrix | Facebook

IoTempower System Architecture

IoTempower is a framework designed to intuitively streamline your Internet of Things application development.

Whether a hobbyist, student, artist, or professional, IoTempower has what you need to build your IoT idea.

IoTempower: Network, Integration, Device Management, Education, Permissive License, Security, and more.

Key Features:

  • Classroom Friendly: Ideal for teaching IoT concepts and home automation.
  • Cross-Platform: Supports Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac.
  • Easy to Use: Simplified IoT development. Puts the S back into Internet of Thing(s).
  • Extensible: Add your own devices and protocols.
  • Secure: Built-in security features to protect your IoT devices.
  • Open-Source: Fully permissible MIT License with permissibly licensed dependencies.
  • OTA Updates: Enhance existing IoT setups with over-the-air update capabilities.
  • Multi-Device Management: Simplify deployment across multiple devices with automatic configurations.

For support please check out our Support Page.

If you are interested in contributing, please check out our Contribution Guidelines.

Your contributions help IoTempower grow and improve, and we welcome contributions from all skill levels.

The main development takes place here: IoTempower GitHub