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IPFS Project

A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol

IPFS is an open system to manage data without a central server

IPFS is a modular suite of protocols for addressing, routing, and transferring data, designed from the ground up with the principles of content addressing and peer-to-peer networking. Many popular Web3 projects are built on IPFS - see the ecosystem directory for some of these projects.

Exceptionally talented open communities are building the future of the decentralized web. Excellent good first issues need your attention and support! Join the movement! Get involved today!






  1. specs specs Public

    Technical specifications for the IPFS protocol stack

    HTML 1.1k 231

  2. ipfs ipfs Public

    Peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol

    22.6k 1.5k

  3. ipfs-desktop ipfs-desktop Public

    An unobtrusive and user-friendly desktop application for IPFS on Windows, Mac and Linux.

    JavaScript 5.8k 847

  4. ipfs-companion ipfs-companion Public

    Browser extension that simplifies access to IPFS resources on the web

    JavaScript 2k 319

  5. kubo kubo Public

    An IPFS implementation in Go

    Go 15.9k 3k

  6. helia helia Public

    An implementation of IPFS in JavaScript

    TypeScript 802 80


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