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IPNS-over-PubSub as an Independent Transport


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IPFS Specifications

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This repository contains the specs for the IPFS Protocol and associated subsystems.

Understanding the meaning of the spec badges and their lifecycle

We use the following label system to identify the state of each spec:

  • - A work-in-progress, possibly to describe an idea before actually committing to a full draft of the spec.
  • - A draft that is ready to review. It should be implementable.
  • - A spec that has been adopted (implemented) and can be used as a reference point to learn how the system works.
  • - We consider this spec to close to final, it might be improved but the system it specifies should not change fundamentally.
  • - This spec will not change.
  • - This spec is no longer in use.

Nothing in this spec repository is permanent or even stable yet. Most of the subsystems are still a draft or in reliable state.


The specs contained in this repository are:


Suggestions, contributions, criticisms are welcome. Though please make sure to familiarize yourself deeply with IPFS, the models it adopts, and the principles it follows. This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.


Technical specifications for the IPFS protocol stack



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