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Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask your question in an Issue. Make sure to search existing issues, as your question may already have been asked and answered.

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We mark questions which have been answered as 'answered': if you would like to help answer questions, you can use this search to find unanswered questions.

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There are a lot of questions, and it is difficult for the IPFS team to go through the backlog and refine answers for older questions. If you think a question hasn't been answered adequately, comment on it, and we'll look at it. Unlike on the rest of GitHub, using :thumb: or '+1' is actively encouraged as a way to show that a question should be brought back to our attention.

Use "WIP" in the question title to denote a "Work In Progress" answer.

Let's mark any Q/As with WIP when the answer is long, complex, and likely to evolve over time. It is very important to signal when we think something is roughly "a final answer", versus "a place to jot down notes and point others for quick disambiguation". Many answers, like comparisons to other systems, will be WIPs for a while.

Closing issues

We try not to close issues that have been answered adequately; leaving them open makes them more easy to search and find, and improves visibility. Instead, mark the question as 'answered'. Issues should be closed, however, if they are duplicates, irrelevant, or poor quality. Sometimes we will maintain, curate or edit an issue to ensure higher quality, too; we'll post in the issue when we do that.

Rendering to a page

All these questions and answers will be compiled into a webpage rendered at (still TODO)


Feel free to join in and ask or answer questions in the issues. No helpful comment is too small, no answer too big.

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