For questions on how to get IPFS up and running smoothly
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For questions on how to get IPFS up and running smoothly

Table of Contents

How to use this repository

If you are running IPFS and you find something you do not understand, please open an issue. This repository is to help out new users who are not entirely sure what is going on, or have run into an issue that they're not sure is a bug or not.

If you have issues and would like immediate feedback, there is always the IRC channel, which can be found at Logging issues here, however, would help future users, as well, who can search through the issues to see answers to previous questions.

Other Repositories

If you have a clear bug or an abstract question, please log it with the appropriate repository.

  • ipfs: For abstract questions about how IPFS works.
  • go-ipfs: For issues with the Go IPFS implementation.
  • js-ipfs: For issues with the JavaScript (browser & node) IPFS implementation.
  • station: For issues with the electron-app.
  • website: For issues with the Website and how it works.
  • community: For wider issues about the community of IPFS as a whole.
  • specs: For issues with the technical specifications.

It is OK to log questions you're unsure of here! We will redirect you to the appropriate repository if we feel it can be answered better there.

If you like old fashioned discussion email lists, join the Google Groups ipfs-users list.


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

Meta questions about this repo.

Please open an issue

Code of Conduct

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.