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print inside multiprocessing crashes Ipython kernel #2438

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pv commented

Printing to stdout when in multiprocessing crashes Ipython notebook kernel.
Seems to occur both in 0.13 and 1981689 (current Git master)

import multiprocessing

def foo(x):
    print x  # <- this statement causes the crash, works properly if commented out
    return x + 1

def go():
    pool = multiprocessing.Pool()
        print "Got:", pool.map_async(foo, [1,2,3]).get(999)

And in notebook:

import bar
bar.go() # <- crashes kernel

The notebook process prints this:

Assertion failed: ok (mailbox.cpp:84)
[NotebookApp] Kernel xxx-yyy-zzz-qqq-fff failed to respond to heartbeat

mailbox.cpp seems to be inside ZMQ/PyZMQ (tried with versions zmq-2.2.0 & pyzmq- and zmq-2.1.11 & pyzmq-2.1.7).

This works properly on the Ipython & Python command-line shells.


As discussed in #2422, the solution here is to ensure that the zmq sockets are never used in a forked process. This should be possible by checking os.getpid in the right places before touching the sockets.


Just want to note here in case someone is looking for the same thing. It also happens with stderr too.

logger = multiprocessing.log_to_stderr()

I can take a shot at fixing this. Would love if you tell me where to start looking.

@minrk minrk closed this in ad7b12c
@claesenm claesenm referenced this issue in claesenm/optunity

IPython crashes with optunity.parallel.pmap #8

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