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Euterpe Plugin for Rhythmbox

Using this plugin you can listen to your music served from a Euterpe server directly in Rhythmbox.


Create a directory and place the contents of this repository under one of the following:

  • $HOME/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins - install for a single user
  • /usr/lib/rhythmbox/plugins - install for all users


There is no need for any configuration. It is all done via the plugin's UI on first activation. One will have to enter their Euterpe address and optionally authentication if the server is protected. That's it!


After activating the plugin you will see a "Euterpe" tab in the "Shared" group. In it you can use the "Search" menu to find your music.

Plugin Screenshot


If you want to help with the development, please do open an issue and then explain what you want to do. This will allow us to get the discussion rolling before any code is written and will prevent wasting time.

As to help with development resources, I am at a loss. Plug-in development and development as a whole for GTK is a jungle. One have to fend for himself and don't expect any reasonable documentation. The following have been of great help for me:

But really, almost nothing is documented. And where there are guides and documentation they are almost 100% out of date. Good luck!

While developing it is convenient to run Rhythmbox while filtering out all messages but the ones from this plug-in. For this make sure the Rhythmbox process is stopped and then run

rhythmbox -D euterpe


  • Settings for setting the HTTPMS address and access tokens
  • Timeout in the search field. Searching should start 50-100ms after the user stops typing.
  • Track time
  • Sort tracks after search (sort of done)
  • Preserve Browser size
  • Logout Button
  • Automatic Logout on wrong credentials
  • Authentication with query token when HTTPMS gets a support for it